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company news about What is the accelerated aging test?

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What is the accelerated aging test?
Latest company news about What is the accelerated aging test?

What is the accelerated aging test?

A product wants to be put on the market,Must be tested first. Most of these products will undergo accelerated aging tests.

So, what is an aging test?

The aging test mainly refers to the thermal oxygen aging test on rubber, plastic products, electrical insulation materials and other materials; or the ventilation aging test for electronic parts and plasticized products.

The aging test is further divided into temperature aging, sunlight aging, load aging and so on.

High temperature aging is generally divided into several levels. Industrial levels generally use 70 degrees, 4 hours, and 15 degrees. There are 40 degrees, 55 degrees, 70 degrees, and 85 degrees. The time is generally 4 hours.

Divided into 2 methods according to the number of aging test products

1, aging box; mainly for plastic products, and the quantity and volume of products are not very practical

2, aging cabinet or aging room; mainly for high-performance electronic products (such as: computer computers, monitors, terminals, automotive electronics, power supplies, motherboards, monitors, switching chargers, etc.) simulation A kind of high temperature and harsh environment testing equipment, is an important experimental equipment to improve product stability and reliability, and is an important production process for various manufacturers to improve product quality and competitiveness. Biopharmaceutical and other fields

The main aging test items are:
1. Light aging test + wavelength range: Xenon arc lamp aging (300-800nm), UV lamp aging (280-400nm), carbon arc lamp aging (300-700nm), metal halide lamp aging (280-3000nm).
The main reference standards are:
Xenon arc lamp aging: GB / T 16422.2 (equivalent to GB / T4892.2), GB / T 8427, GB / T 1865ASTM D4355, ASTM G155, JIS K5600, etc.
UV aging: GB / T 16422.3 (equivalent to GB / T4892.3), GB / T 18950, ASTM G 154ASTM D-4674, ASTM_D4674, JIS K 7350, etc.
Carbon arc lamp aging: GB / T 16422.3 (equivalent to GB / T4892.3), ASTM G153, JIS D 0205JIS B 7753, etc.
Aging of metal halogen lamps: GB 2423.24, IEC60068-2-5, DIN75520, etc.
Light aging is the main aging damage to outdoor use materials, and for indoor use materials, it will also be subject to a certain degree of light aging. The three main types of light sources for simulating light aging are each excellent. The carbon arc lamp was first invented and used. The measurement system established earlier, many Japanese standards and fiber material standards use carbon arc lamps. However, carbon arc lamps are more expensive. The performance is not stable enough (the lamp tube needs to be replaced after 90 hours of use), and has been gradually replaced by xenon arc lamps and ultraviolet lamps. Xenon lamps have great advantages in simulating natural light, and the price is relatively low, which is suitable for most products. Ultraviolet light produces light below 400nm, which can accelerate the simulation of ultraviolet damage to materials in natural light. The acceleration factor is higher than xenon lamps, and the light source stability is better than xenon lamps, but it is easy to cause damage from unnatural light output ( Especially UVB lamps).
Main applications: rubber, plastic, coating, ink products for outdoor and indoor use, housings for communication, electrical appliances and other equipment, automotive parts, motorcycle accessories.
2. Thermal aging
Main reference standards: GB / T 7141, ASTM D3045, JIS K 6257, etc.
GB / T20028 Vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber The Arrhenius chart is used to estimate the life and maximum operating temperature.
The thermal aging box has a program function, and the temperature can be set through the program, which is suitable for the needs of various products.
Main applications: heat resistance aging test of various products, such as PCB boards, insulating rubber in electrical appliances, products with long life requirements (such as jacket materials for cable stayed bridges, the service life of which is more than 20 years), etc. Over time, changes in product performance, and examine the reliability of product use.
3.Damp heat aging
Main reference standards: GB / T 15905, GB / T 2573 and other general standards. In addition, according to different product standards and enterprise standards, humidity and temperature change curves can be set, which is suitable for various complicated hot and humid aging tests. During the use of the product, it is susceptible to the dual effects of temperature and humidity. For some water-sensitive materials, such as PET, PBT, etc., a damp heat aging test is required to assess whether it is suitable for long-term use in a humid environment.
Main reference standards: GB / T 10125, GB / T 12000 , ASTM D117, JIS Z
2371 and other standards for neutral salt spray, acid salt spray, copper ion accelerated salt spray test. It is mainly used to simulate the corrosion effect of sodium chloride dissolved in water vapor in the atmosphere on the protection process of coatings and coatings, as well as metal ground materials, especially in coastal areas and inland salt lakes. The salinity in the air is higher, and the product Very susceptible to salt spray corrosion. Mainly applicable products: all kinds of coatings, such as architectural exterior wall coatings, marine coatings, container coatings, etc., all kinds of coatings.
5.Ozone aging
Main reference standards: GB / T 7762, GB / T 24134, GB / T 13642, HG / T 2869, JIS K 6259, ASTM D 1149. The main research is the ozone resistance of rubber (rubber contains a large number of double bonds, which is vulnerable to ozone attack, especially when it is used dynamically or stretched, the damage of rubber to ozone is more serious). Ozone resistance.
The main reference standards: GB / T 2423, JG / T 25 architectural coating coating freeze-thaw cycle test method and other standards, can be carried out in accordance with different product standards, related to high and low temperature cycle, freeze-thaw cycle related test methods for testing. It is mainly used for the detection of architectural coatings and special environmental equipment.
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