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company news about Why is it listed as a substance of high concern?

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Company News
Why is it listed as a substance of high concern?
Latest company news about Why is it listed as a substance of high concern?

Why is it listed as a substance of high concern?

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) announced in July that a new batch of four substances was officially included in the SVHC candidate list, including 4-tert-butylphenol, HFPO-DA, 2-methoxy Four substances such as ethyl ethyl acetate and TNPP. So far SVHC has been updated to 201 substances.


Because these substances may be carcinogens, teratogenic substances and reproductive toxic substances (CMR); or persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic substances (PBT); or strong persistent bioaccumulative substances (vPvB); or there are actual case studies Such substances have serious harmful effects on humans and the environment. For example, we are familiar with: cadmium, lead, bisphenol A, nitrobenzene, arsenic trioxide (commonly known as "arsenic") and so on.


In the production field and daily consumer life, these highly concerned substances are usually used in semi-finished products or finished products, which will affect the products and manufacturing processes from mining to textile, garment, light industry, electromechanical and other industries, and may eventually affect To the end consumer's physical health and environmental safety.


At present, a variety of decorative materials on the market will release some harmful gases, even in line with the National indoor decoration materials Harmful substances limit standards of materials, in a certain amount of indoor space will also cause harmful substances in the indoor air exceeding the standard situation.

In view of the problem of formaldehyde pollution in indoor environment, China's indoor environmental Monitoring Working Committee put forward that in determining the decoration design plan, we should pay attention to the space carrying capacity, indoor fresh air volume, reserve pollution advance amount.


As a home furnishings manufacturer, we want to be responsible for ourselves, for the family, for the community, for the development of human beings, in order to match this responsibility, our production of home furnishings products formaldehyde tester to make a contribution.

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