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company news about Why Do Car Headlights Turn Yellow?

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Company News
Why Do Car Headlights Turn Yellow?
Latest company news about Why Do Car Headlights Turn Yellow?

At present, most car lampshades are made of polycarbonate (PC) or polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) plastic injection molding. Plastic products will gradually age during use, which is reflected in yellowing, decreased strength, etc., and high temperature , Ultraviolet rays and ozone will accelerate the aging process. The yellowing of your car's lampshade may be related to such factors. In addition, the car environment will also affect the life of auto parts. If you often drive in and out of areas where some chemical substances are leaked, or an industrial area with dense pigment/dye production companies, or even use the wrong car cleaning/maintenance products , May cause the lampshade to turn yellow.

When you don't need to use the car, don't park the car in a place where the sun is violent, and try to park in the shade. The main reason for the yellowing of the surface of the car headlights is the sun exposure, so avoiding the sun exposure is also the easiest way to avoid the yellowing of the headlights. Frequently scrub the surface of the headlight assembly. When a car is driving, some dirt will stick to the body, and the same is true for car headlights, so you should regularly scrub the surface of the headlights with a soft cloth to prevent the dirt from sticking tighter and not washing off after a long time. . Wash with alkaline water. Alkaline water can be washed with soapy water once every three months. After cleaning, remember to wipe the headlights with polish, and then wax it for care.

The authentic ones are ABS engineering plastics, which are resistant to high temperature and ultraviolet aging. The strength is also stronger than that of general transparent plastic. ABS engineering plastic PC ABS (engineering plastic alloy) That is, the Chinese name in the chemical industry is plastic alloy. The reason why it is named PC ABS is that this material has the excellent heat and weather resistance, dimensional stability and Impact performance and excellent processing fluidity of ABS resin.

For car owners, as long as they choose good PC ABS headlights, it can effectively reduce and reduce the yellowing of the lights. So for manufacturers selling headlights, how to test the materials of headlights to detect whether there is a good yellowing resistance performance, and to give customers a convincing proof, then it is necessary to test the resistance The yellowing test box, the following recommends and introduces a test equipment for testing resistance to yellowing.

Anti-yellowing Aging Test Chamber

Two kinds of tests can be done: aging and yellowing resistance.

Aging: This machine can promote the deterioration of vulcanized rubber to calculate the rate of change of tensile force and elongation before and after heating. It is generally considered that testing at 70°C for one day is theoretically equivalent to 6 months of exposure to the atmosphere.

Yellow resistance: This machine simulates the atmospheric environment and is exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. The appearance change is generally considered to be tested at 50 ℃ for 9 hours, which is theoretically equivalent to 6 months of exposure to theatmosphere time.


1. Ergonomics and simple operation are the main focus of the design. The volume design of the gloss meter is reasonable. Key operation, screen display and simple navigation menu make gloss measurement easy. One-key operation, automatic calibration and automatic measurement, convenient and quick.

2. The all-metal shell is durable and comfortable, and the instrument meets various international and domestic standards with good quality. The body can store test data.

3. Free choice of multiple functional modes, such as: automatic measurement, manual measurement, sampling measurement, statistical measurement, to meet your different needs.

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