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company news about vibration test

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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vibration test
Latest company news about vibration test

A vibration test is a test of a vibrating object or model that assesses the product's ability to withstand vibration in the intended environment of use. The vibration test is divided into two types according to the type of vibration load applied: a sinusoidal vibration test and a random vibration test. The sinusoidal vibration test includes a calibrated vibration test and a scanning sinusoidal vibration test. The scanning vibration test requires that the vibration frequency be changed according to a certain law, such as a linear change or an exponential change. The vibration test equipment is divided into two parts: the loading device and the control device. The loading equipment includes a mechanical vibration table, an electromagnetic vibration table, and an electro-hydraulic vibration table. Electromagnetic vibrating table is currently the most widely used loading device. Vibration control tests are used to generate vibration signals and control the magnitude of the vibration magnitude. The vibration control equipment shall have sinusoidal vibration control function and random vibration control function. The vibration test is mainly an environmental simulation, and the test parameters are frequency range, vibration amplitude and test duration. The effects of vibration on the product are: structural damage, such as structural deformation, product cracking or fracture; product failure or poor performance, such as poor contact, relay malfunction, etc., such damage is not permanent damage, because once the vibration is reduced Or stop, the work can return to normal; technical damage, such as loose screws or connectors, desoldering. From the development trend of vibration test technology, multi-point control technology and multiple joint excitation technologies will be adopted.


Laboratory Material Transport Simulation Vibration Testing Equipment




Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing Equipment is widely used in defense, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, automobiles, home appliances, and other industries. This type of equipment is used for discovering the early faults, simulating the actual working condition and the structure strength test, the product application is wide, the application width is obvious, the test effect is remarkable and reliable. Sine wave, FM, sweep, programmable, frequency multiplier, logarithm, maximum acceleration, amplitude modulation, time control, full function computer control, simple fixed acceleration/fixed amplitude. Equipment through continuous failure to run 3 months of testing, stable performance, reliable quality.


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