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company news about This is a Letter to All Furniture Manufacturers

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Yes we received the machine last week. This Machine was nice, and thank the after-sales serives, was very professional.

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The melt flow tester is working very good. The delivery was more faster than expect, your after-sales servies team memembers were nice, and the technical support was perfect.

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Company News
This is a Letter to All Furniture Manufacturers
Latest company news about This is a Letter to All Furniture Manufacturers

For the furniture industry, furniture testing plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring the quality of furniture products. Its impact on furniture enterprises is mainly reflected in strengthening the effectiveness of enterprise quality management, reducing enterprise costs, and enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises. According to its impact on enterprises and the needs of enterprises and consumers, improve the furniture testing system, ensure the scientificity, impartiality and authority of testing, and consolidate the important position of furniture testing in furniture enterprises.

furniture test machine

Previously, Haida Instruments has provided complete testing solutions for 10,000 furniture manufacturers worldwide, including chair testing series (BIFMA X5.1, EN1728, EN581, EN1335, EN1022 and other standard designs), sponge testing series (ASTM D3574, ISO and other standard designs), mattress testing series (ASTM F1566, EN 1957 and other standard designs), sofa testing series (EN4875, EN1728 and other standard designs) VOC&formaldehyde test room (standard design such as EN717) and mechanical and environmental testing of furniture raw materials.


At present, the testing of furniture products mainly includes three aspects


(1) Appearance inspection. Appearance inspection and on-site inspection are carried out through visual inspection and ruler measurement. It mainly includes functional dimensions, surface treatment, coating, etc. The functional dimensions must meet the use requirements and be within the allowable tolerance range. If the functional dimensions do not meet the requirements, the product is unqualified, which will reduce the performance of the product.


(2) Mechanical property test of furniture. Mechanical performance test is a test that simulates the strength or bearing capacity of furniture under one-time or repeated load conditions under normal use and habitual use. According to the normal use frequency of the product under the predetermined use conditions, the possible misoperation strength, the strength and durability are divided into five test grades according to the size of the loading force and the number of loading times, that is, the test grade is determined by the use frequency, and the static load, durability and impact tests are carried out on the product.


(3) Physical and chemical performance test of furniture: mainly test seven indicators, namely, dry heat resistance and wet heat resistance of paint film, as well as abrasion resistance, adhesion, gloss value, paint film thickness and temperature difference between cold and hot resistance of paint film. Among them, the adhesion, abrasion resistance and temperature difference resistance of the paint film are particularly important, which determine the service life of the paint film on the surface of wooden furniture.

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Haida mainly sells furniture (sponge, spring, mattress, sofa, chair series, etc.), mechanics, environment, paper bag testing instruments, and has corresponding testing schemes from raw materials to finished products and even packaging. Most of the domestic and foreign furniture testing consultants have more than 8 years of experience, providing our valued customers with all kinds of services from pre-sales, sales to after-sales


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