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company news about There are a few things you need to know about tape testing?

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Company News
There are a few things you need to know about tape testing?
Latest company news about There are a few things you need to know about tape testing?

About adhesive tape, the most concerned should be the quality of its viscosity, according to the use of adhesive tape, the size of its viscosity also has a strict regulation, so do a good job on adhesive tape some detection is also particularly important.

This article will introduce the differences and relations between the three tests from three aspects of adhesive property, namely initial viscosity, holding viscosity and peel strength.

No.1 Initial viscosity test

Initial viscosity is a property of adhesives, which can make the adhesive and the adhesive contact, immediately under low pressure to form a measurable strength of bonding.The quality of the initial viscosity directly affects the quality of the adhesive, and it is of great practical significance for some applications.

The standard commonly used to test the initial viscosity of pressure sensitive adhesive tape is GB-T 4852-2002 initial viscosity test method (rolling ball method).The test method is to roll a steel ball across the sticky surface of the adhesive tape on the inclined plate, and evaluate the initial viscosity according to the maximum size of the steel ball that can be adhered to by the sticky surface of the specified length

Or roll the specified size steel ball through the inclined groove and measure the rolling distance on the sticky surface of the adhesive tape on the horizontal plate to evaluate its initial viscosity.

The above test method can be achieved by the HD-C525 tape initial viscosity testing machine, for pressure sensitive tape, medical patch, sticker, protective film and other related products of initial viscosity test, HD-C525 is the best choice.

No.2 holds viscosity test

Adhesive refers to the stickiness of the adhesive tape when a certain weight is vertically suspended in the direction of the length of the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape.If the stickiness is very poor, the tape is easy to fall off and can not achieve the purpose of bonding;If the stickiness is too large, it is easy to make the stickiness damaged when it is separated from the stickiness.

GB/T4851 test method for the stickiness of adhesive tape is commonly used for testing the stickiness of adhesive tape.It is tested by sticking an adhesive tape to a standard steel plate at a controlled rolling rate.The steel plate is installed vertically, and a standard weight is hung on the free end of the adhesive tape to measure the bonding failure time, and the stickiness of the adhesive tape to the standard steel plate is measured by the failure time of the adhesive tape.

And the completion of the experiment can be done by HD-C524 room temperature belt holding force testing machine to complete, in strict accordance with the standard design of the test board and test weight, to ensure the accuracy of the test data, is the first choice to do a good job of belt holding force test.

No.3 Peel strength test

Peel strength refers to the force required to peel a unit width of adhesive tape from a specific bonding surface at a certain Angle and rate.There are two kinds of peel test methods, the first is 180° peel, the second is 90° peel, here I introduce the first kind, 180° peel.Stick a tape on the stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate fixed on a fixture of tensile testing machine, testing machine of another fixture in the free end of the tape, and 180 ° Angle to the stainless steel plate, with specified speed away adhesive tapes, through continuous stripping adhesive tape from the stainless steel plate to measure the force needed for stripping force, converted to peel strength.

This test can be carried out through the Haida HD-B609 computer servo tensile material testing machine, this kind of product is specialized for plastic film, adhesive tape, adhesive and other products of the peeling, bonding and other performance tests.

Through the introduction of this article, we believe that you have a preliminary understanding of some of the basic tests of adhesive tape, in addition to the above three kinds of viscosity test, there are many other methods to test the viscosity and do these tests well, if you are interested in this, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us for more information.

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