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company news about Thanksgiving Nature & Protect the Environment

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
Thanksgiving Nature & Protect the Environment
Latest company news about Thanksgiving Nature  & Protect the Environment

Thanksgiving Nature & Protect the Environment
Thanksgiving, an eternal topic, it will live forever, continue to this day, it is the greatest wisdom of life, is a virtue of human nature. Speaking of Thanksgiving, we naturally think of Thanksgiving parents, Thanksgiving friends, Thanksgiving leaders and so on, but this topic for everyone to share is -- Thanksgiving nature & protect the environment.

Based on heaven and earth, we should first have a respectful attitude, reverence nature, reverence life!
Without nature, life cannot exist;

And without life, nature cannot reflect the value of its own existence!

Life exists in and derives from nature.

Therefore, we can walk freely under the natural conditions on which we live, and exploit them at will, so as to give full play to their wisdom and create a better and better life and living environment.

The quality of the environment is closely related to our lives, and increasingly serious environmental pollution will seriously affect our quality of life. In the face of the spread of the pneumonia epidemic in 2020, we have become more and more aware of the importance of environmental protection.
To protect the environment, we can start from the following aspects:

1. Prevent pollution
Today, with the rapid development of productivity, industrial production discharges waste water, waste gas, waste residue, dust, radioactive material, noise, vibration, odor and electromagnetic microwave radiation.
Harmful gases, liquids and noises generated by traffic and transport activities and pollutants discharged by maritime vessels;
Pollution caused by toxic and harmful chemicals used in industrial and agricultural production and People's Daily life, as well as smoke, dust, sewage and garbage discharged by urban residents, is subtly affecting our normal life.
Reduce the environmental pollution caused by production and living, do a good job in pollution prevention and control work, let our sky bluer.

2. Nature conservation
To protect the natural environment of special value, including the effective protection of rare species and their living environment, special traces of natural history, geological phenomena, geomorphic landscapes, etc.

In addition, doing a good job in urban and rural planning, controlling soil erosion and desertification, afforestation, controlling population growth and rational allocation of productive forces are also part of nature conservation, which has become one of the common actions and major tasks of governments and people all over the world today.

Start from yourself, start from the trivial things around, do garbage classification, adhere to green travel, protect water resources, avoid the use of disposable items, reduce resource waste, etc.
Really do Thanksgiving nature, love nature!

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