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China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Sturdy Scooter
Latest company news about Sturdy Scooter

The wonderful summer vacation is just around the corner, and during this magical time, the children have plenty of time to indulge. Attentive parents have begun to look for bicycles, twisters, scooters and other children's vehicles. In the community, every evening, children of the same age are dispatched one after another with scooters.


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They galloped across the smooth road, you chased after me, and let out bursts of happy screams. Therefore, as parents, when choosing a good scooter, we need to consider not only the size and style of the scooter, but also the safety of the scooter.


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However, in actual use, safety accidents of toy scooters occur frequently. These unexpected injuries that should not have occurred have attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities. The applicable groups of toy scooters are children, infants and young children, and their self-protection ability is relatively weak, so this product has potential safety hazards, and the product quality problem is relatively serious.
When selling scooters, merchants have repeatedly emphasized the safety of scooters. For the safety verification of scooters, our company provides manufacturers with test instruments and solutions for static load test of scooters.


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Use our HD-B615-S computer servo double-column tensile tester with corresponding fixtures for testing (see attached picture). The positioning of this clamp scooter of our company adopts an adjustable handle and pole fixing device, which has a wider applicability. Whether it is a children's scooter, an adult scooter, a two-wheeled scooter and a three-wheeled scooter, it can be clamped. After the clamping is completed, use our HD-B615-S computer-servo double-column tensile tester supporting the test head to conduct a static load test on the scooter body. By applying different static pressures to the body of the scooter, and by observing the deformation, cracking, abnormal noise and other abnormal phenomena of the scooter, it is judged how much static load the body of the scooter under test can bear. The test data can be used as important data for the sales department to promote and guide shopping, and buyers can also use this parameter to judge whether the scooter meets their own use requirements.


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