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company news about Scooter Horizontal Impact Tester

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
Scooter Horizontal Impact Tester
Latest company news about Scooter Horizontal Impact Tester

The main test items of the scooter are divided into: performance requirements of the scooter, vehicle safety, mechanical safety, impact, environmental adaptation performance requirements and other performance tests. It is undeniable that it is very happy to play a scooter, but there are also some hidden risks when stimulating sports. Uneven roads, sudden obstacles, etc., may cause people to accidentally fall or even get injured.

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Therefore, the testing of scooters before leaving the factory is particularly important, which can provide people with peace of mind.

HD-AJ224 scooter horizontal impact tester uses the principle of converting the potential energy of objects into kinetic energy. When the sample is slid from the starting point to the end of the predetermined position, it will obtain a certain impact speed and collide with an impact plate perpendicular to the speed direction. Observe the skateboard. The damage of the front wheel of the car has achieved the purpose of the test.


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During the test, put a suitable load on the middle of the pedal, start the scooter, and hit the fixed steel plate. According to the obtained data, it is possible to intuitively show whether the product meets the standard.


Hardware Features:
1. The whole is composed of thickened square pass and solid steel to avoid impact displacement during the test process, and ensure the accuracy of data and the stability of the machine;
2. The appearance of the machine adopts the paint spraying process, with high anti-rust ability and beautiful appearance;
3. Thickened guide rails and thickened collision parts make the instrument more durable.


Software features:
1. Adopt touch screen PLC program control, test times and speed can be set;
2. The switch sensor is used to sense the impact pulley, and the program automatically calculates the impact speed to ensure the speed is accurate;
3. When the instrument starts, it has a buzzer prompt, which can ensure the operator to evacuate in time;
4. Abnormal fault alarm prompts to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

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