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company news about Rubber Test Item- Rubber Test / Plastic Test -- Haida Equipment

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Yes we received the machine last week. This Machine was nice, and thank the after-sales serives, was very professional.

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The melt flow tester is working very good. The delivery was more faster than expect, your after-sales servies team memembers were nice, and the technical support was perfect.

—— Steve Hubbard

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Company News
Rubber Test Item- Rubber Test / Plastic Test -- Haida Equipment
Latest company news about Rubber Test Item- Rubber Test / Plastic Test -- Haida Equipment

Rubber Test Item- Rubber Test / Plastic Test -- Haida Equipment


Detection of overview

Rubber is widely used in daily life have a lot of rubber for our services, through wearing by urban and rural residents, it is must be a kind of consumption is very big, with a rubber are in play its role in people's life. In addition, rubber is widely used in cultural and educational institutions, offices, design drawing and sports equipment.


Test the product

Rubber lining, labor protection products, rubber dam, rubber boats, life-saving supplies, Marine, protective gear, bath water, tents, warehouse detecting clothing, insulating gloves, insulation rubber shoes, sports shoes, boots, rubber shoes, rubber plastic film, stationery and sporting goods, clothing and all kinds of rubber bladder, table tennis pat rubber sponge surface, swimming foot mania, toy ball, the fountain BiDan trapped, rubber-sheathed wire, rubber, rubber, rubber seal, balloons, sponge rubber gasket, rubber cloth, raincoat, hot water transfer, pine purple belt, children's toys, inflatable rubber products, sponge cushion, latex impregnated products, toys, rubber parts, household appliances, rubber parts, rubber with hutch defends equipment All kinds of rubber products.


Analysis project:

main component, map analysis, failure analysis, full component analysis and material identification of finished products and raw materials.


The test items

Physical mechanical properties:

Density, hardness, surface resistivity, dielectric properties, tensile properties, impact properties, tear properties, compression properties, adhesion strength, wear resistance, low temperature performance, resilience energy.


Aging performance:

Heat aging, ozone aging, ultraviolet lamp aging, salt fog aging, xenon lamp aging, carbon arc lamp aging, halogen lamp aging.


Liquid resistance:

Lubricating oil, gasoline, oil, acid, alkali, organic solvent, water resistant.


Combustion performance:

Vertical combustion, alcohol burner combustion, roadway propane combustion, smoke density, combustion rate, effective combustion calorific value, total smoke emission.


Applicable performance:

Hydraulic, pulse test, conductive performance, water tightness, air tightness.


Toxic and harmful substances:

Soluble heavy metals, phenylplasticizers, formaldehyde, REACH, Rosh, etc.


Physical and chemical index detection:

Unvulcanized rubber Mooney viscosity, unvulcanized rubber vulcanization characteristics, unvulcanized rubber plasticity index and recovery value, density, rheological properties, Shao Er hardness, the hardness, raw rubber and plastic retention (PRI), swelling index, permeability, total hydrocarbon content, the content of polyisoprene, the contents of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, black carbon, etc


Mechanical performance detection:

Tensile strength and tensile elongation, compression set, fixed and permanent deformation, compression stress relaxation and tensile stress relaxation, tear strength, bending strength, impact strength, shear strength, abrasion test, adhesion strength, resilience, elastic modulus, the coefficient of friction, etc


Thermal performance detection:

Glass transition temperature, ash, horizontal combustion, vertical combustion, oxygen index, low temperature brittleness, low temperature rigidity, compression resistance coefficient, tensile resistance, thermal conductivity, crystallization effect, etc.


Electrical performance detection:

Resistivity, dielectric constant and dielectric loss Angle tangent value, breakdown voltage strength, etc.


Reliability detection:

Artificial climate ageing (fluorescent uv lamps, xenon lamp, carbon arc lamp), resistant to ozone aging test, hot oxygen aging test, liquid resistance, thermal accelerated aging, damp and hot air aging test, salt spray test and acidic salt spray test, gas corrosion test, hydrostatic test, impulse performance, mouldproof performance, etc

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