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company news about Quality And Inspection of Bicycle Carriage

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
Quality And Inspection of Bicycle Carriage
Latest company news about Quality And Inspection of Bicycle Carriage

In order to strengthen the CCC certification supervision of the electric bicycle industry and assist in the fire safety rectification of electric bicycles in the province, on the afternoon of March 20th, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau held an online administrative guidance and special training session on the certification supervision of the electric bicycle industry. More than 10000 people attended the conference online, including certified regulatory personnel from various levels of market supervision departments in the province, representatives of designated implementation institutions for electric bicycle products CCC, and representatives of electric bicycle production enterprises and their sales stores.


The meeting reported on the certification and supervision work of the electric bicycle industry in Jiangsu Province in recent years, emphasizing the relevant requirements for certification and supervision. The meeting requires that the first step is to ensure the issuance of certificates. Certification agencies should strengthen the management of inspectors, strictly enforce work requirements and discipline, and strengthen the consistency inspection of certified enterprises and products in accordance with the requirement of "consistency of production certificates". Require designated laboratories to conduct CCC certification testing in a standardized manner within the designated business scope to ensure the effectiveness of certification. The second is to maintain the "quality standard". Certified enterprises should produce and operate in accordance with the law, continuously improve their product quality assurance capabilities, and eliminate illegal and irregular activities such as unauthorized production and sales of products in the CCC catalog. The third is the responsibility of compaction supervision.


Regulatory authorities should carefully organize CCC certification supervision and inspection, improve the standardization, targeting, and effectiveness of certification supervision, crack down on illegal certification activities, and effectively prevent and resolve CCC certification risks.


The meeting invited experts in the field of CCC certification to provide specialized training on the knowledge of CCC certification for electric bicycles, focusing on explaining the current status of CCC certification for electric bicycle products and common violations by production enterprises.

latest company news about Quality And Inspection of Bicycle Carriage  1

After the meeting, the certification agency stated that it will further implement the main responsibilities of the issuing agency, ensure the issuance of certificates, and guard the supervision position; The designated laboratory stated that it will strictly comply with various CCC regulations, strictly implement internal quality control, and enhance the effectiveness of CCC certification for electric bicycle products; Electric bicycle certified enterprises have expressed that they will take this training as a good opportunity to summarize and improve, strengthen internal management, identify weak points in management, improve product quality, achieve compliant production and legal sales, and fully implement the regulatory responsibility of the enterprise for the entire production, sales and recycling chain and the main responsibility of the sales market.


Next, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau will continue to increase the supervision of electric bicycle CCC certification, selecting certified electric bicycle enterprises at a rate of no less than 20% for supervision and inspection, and cracking down on illegal and irregular behaviors such as unauthorized production and sales without CCC certification, fully leveraging the role of CCC certification in "ensuring safety and keeping the bottom line".


In fact, it is known from this that bicycle factories now require more quality and testing, which is what we call QTS. In this way, our Haiyou Testing Group will have more development opportunities in the field of bicycle testing equipment. I believe that in the future, not only Jiangsu Province, but also the whole country and the world will strengthen the strict crackdown on this aspect of the bicycle industry. 


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