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company news about New Energy Vehicle Batteries Test

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
New Energy Vehicle Batteries Test
Latest company news about New Energy Vehicle Batteries Test

Battery safety is very important in new energy vehicles, and all must be strictly checked. The battery must be resistant to high temperature, extrusion, explosion-proof and short circuit. Let me explain to you which devices need to be used for battery detection to detect them?

battery testing machine

Battery extrusion test machine: The battery extrusion acupuncture test box is suitable for simulating the situation that various types of batteries are subjected to extrusion and acupuncture when using, transporting, storing or disposing of household waste. The test should be performed at 20℃±5 Under the ambient temperature of ℃, place the battery connected with the thermocouple (the contacts of the thermocouple are fixed on the large surface of the battery) in a fume hood, and use a non-corrosion steel needle with a diameter of 2-8mm at a speed of 25mm/s Pierce the center of the largest surface of the battery, keep it for any time and observe the test results, if the battery does not explode or fire, it is qualified.


Battery weight impact tester: The test sample battery should be placed on a flat surface, and a rod with a diameter of 15.8±0.2mm (5/8 inch) is placed crisscrossing the center of the sample. A 9.1kg or 10kg weight is dropped onto the sample from a certain height (610mm or 1000mm). When the cylindrical or square battery is subjected to the impact test, its longitudinal axis shall be parallel to the plane and perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the steel column. The longest axis of the square battery is perpendicular to the steel column, and the largest surface is perpendicular to the impact direction. Each battery is only subjected to one impact test. If the battery does not catch fire or explode, it is qualified.

battery testing machine

Battery burning test machine: This machine is suitable for lithium battery (or battery pack) flame resistance test. Drill a circular hole with a diameter of 102mm on an experimental platform, place a wire mesh on the circular hole, place the battery under test on the wire mesh screen, install an octagonal aluminum wire mesh around the sample, and then ignite The burner heats the sample until the battery explodes or the battery burns out, and the combustion process is timed.


Battery thermal shock test machine: The battery thermal shock test box simulates that the battery is placed in a high temperature box with natural convection or forced ventilation, and is heated to the set test temperature at a certain heating rate and maintained for a certain period of time. Ensure uniform operating temperature distribution

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