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company news about Microcomputer Edge Crush and Ring Crush Tester

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
Microcomputer Edge Crush and Ring Crush Tester
Latest company news about Microcomputer Edge Crush and Ring Crush Tester

Paper and cardboard is an important packaging material in the packaging industry. Cartons made of paper have good rigidity, strength and buffering performance. With the advantages of green environmental protection, low cost, convenient storage and transportation, they have gradually replaced wooden cases and other packaging containers and become the main force of transportation packaging.


Compressive strength is the maximum pressure that the material can withstand after being pressed to collapse, which is an important performance index of white paper board and corrugated board. It can reflect the comprehensive characteristics of the whole box-making process and the inherent strength and quality of the carton.Among them, cyclic compressive strength, flat compressive strength and side compressive strength are the indicators to characterize the compressive strength of cardboard.


HD-A513-B microcomputer edge crush/ring crush tester can cooperate with a variety of paper packaging materials to carry out a variety of paper quality test, such as Ring Crush (RCT), Flat Crush (FCT), Edge Crush (ECT), Bonding (PAT) a variety of tests, is combined with a number of functions in one of the test equipment.


In line with JIS-P8126, GBT 2679.6, GBT 2679.8, GBT 2679.8, GBT 2679.17, TAPPT-T472/T808/T810/T811/T818 test standards.

The research and detection of the compressive strength of paper is of great significance to improve the use performance of cartons, reduce the loss rate of goods in logistics and reduce the consumption of raw materials.With the microcomputer side press/ring press strength tester, you can see the other side of the "paper" that we see everywhere in our life.

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