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company news about Maintenance of Drop Testing Machine

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
Maintenance of Drop Testing Machine
Latest company news about Maintenance of Drop Testing Machine

Maintenance of Drop Test Machine


Product introduction:

Packaging drop test machine, mainly to meet the conditions of transport under the packaging capacity of the product, so as to improve and perfect packaging design. Packaging drop test machine, the use of double column Road, hydraulic buffer, drop height can be set, to achieve the edge, surface, the angle of the lower height drop test, drop height can start from scratch.


Daily maintenance:

1, before and after the test to keep the machine clean

2, the placement of the environment suitable for room temperature to 45 degrees Celsius and well ventilated environment.

3, the instrument can not be used for testing volatile, fragile explosive, corrosive gas products

4, "emergency stop" button is not closed to prevent improper operation of all control keys, just press this button to cut off all the power supply control key, the instrument operation is stopped to be excluded and properly reset control button and then according to the direction of the arrow rotation, can lift the emergency stop state, return to normal.


Box Structure:

Packaging drop machine structure is advanced, in the drop process of goods carrier first and then rapid downward movement of the rotary motion, guarantee free packaging and test the carrier separation, packaging samples free fall, small impact vibration, stable and reliable, is the real surface, edge and corner - drop test bench drop test.


Operation flow:

1, the power line connection: random access with three-phase power supply and grounding, the control box and the testing machine also used with random connection line plug adapter case connected, and run up / down command. (if test run when the rising key is run down or press down but increase in operating conditions, only in the power exchange phase.

2, the drop height adjustment: open host power supply, setting up a test required height (as follows), the rising key so that it can achieve the set height; if the stop in the middle, it must be made to set high can execute the reverse operation command;

3, the object will be placed on the work table, and then fixed with fixed rods;

4, according to the key to raise the measured object to the set height;

5, according to the key to make the work table off the measured object, the object is free to fall;

6, press the reset button to restore the working state of the table;

7, repeat the test, repeat the above steps

8, after the test: press the key to reduce the operating table to the lowest position to turn off the power button.

Meet standard:

Packaging drop test machine in line with GB4757.5-84 JISZ0202-87 ISO2248-1972 (E) and other national standards.


Company introduce:

Haida international equipment co.,ltd ,products are widely used in paper products, packaging, ink printing, adhesive tapes, bags, footwear, leather products, environment, toys, baby products, hardware, electronic products, plastic products, rubber products and other industries, and are applicable to all scientific research units, quality inspection institutions and academic fields. Our products meet UL, ASTM, JIS, GB,SO, TAPPI, EN, DIN, BS and other domestic and international standards.


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