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Looking at the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the industry

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China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
Looking at the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the industry

Looking at the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the industry

At the time of the epidemic, the Americans did not buy masks, but snapped up toilet paper.

With the spread of the epidemic around the world, many people have begun to buy madly, and some people have bought emergency masks, food, etc. However, the madness of buying toilet paper in the U.S. supermarkets, and even the public alarmed because of running out of toilet paper. Why grab a pack of toilet paper and fight?

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Why don't you rush for other things, but rush for toilet paper? It seems that toilet paper has an irreplaceable place in our lives.

Toilet paper is a daily necessity, which is closely related to personal health care, and the demand is extremely rigid. Once the use habits are established, even the economic downturn will not affect people's daily demand for tissue paper. Not without reason.

But do you know the toilet paper you use every day? Do you worry about the quality of things that come into direct contact with your body? Does it contain harmful substances? Think carefully, let's take a closer look at whether the daily use is really suitable for us?

Different from other papers, toilet paper itself has certain special characteristics, and it may come into direct contact with us. Therefore, the country has formulated relevant standards for the testing of toilet paper: GB20810-2006 toilet paper (including toilet paper base paper). This specification is applicable to the national quality supervision department's quality inspection and random inspection of toilet paper products. The inspection indicators mainly include: toilet paper softness, horizontal tensile index, dustiness, whiteness, thickness, water absorption, and fluorescence.

Therefore, Haida International introduced the following instruments for testing the quality of toilet paper:


I. Tissue Index Test

1. Testing purpose: To test the toughness of the paper and whether it is easy to crack when used. Pure wood pulp paper has long fiber, high tensile strength, good toughness, and is not easy to break.

2. Testing equipment: paper tensile strength testing machine

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The water absorption test of toilet paper


1. Test purpose: There are many small holes in the toilet paper, which play the role of capillaries. Water replaces the air in the gap to reduce the surface energy, and solid water can climb up the capillary against the effect of gravity.

2. Detection instrument: Paper water absorption rate tester, suitable for measuring the capillary liquid absorption height of unsized paper and cardboard. (Not applicable to paper and paperboard with capillary aspiration height less than 5m within 10min).



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