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company news about ISTA Packaging Transportation Testing

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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ISTA Packaging Transportation Testing

Package transportation is an indispensable part of commodity circulation.The safety of the package is directly related to the economic profit of the business.The international association for safe transport (ISTA) has published a series of standards and documentation such as test procedures and test projects as a unified basis for evaluating the safety performance of transport packages.

The International Safe Transit Association, or ISTA, is an International, non-profit organization formerly known as the nsta-national Safe transportation Association, which has hundreds of well-known shipping companies and laboratories around the world.It has been committed to assisting members to develop effective packaging, methods, logistics systems, etc., to improve the safety performance of product transport packaging, so as to prevent or reduce the loss of products in the transportation and handling process.The organization has published a series of standards and documentation such as test procedures and test projects as a unified basis for assessing the safety performance of transport packages.

Facing the complex transportation environment, the simple traditional transportation test, the vibration frequency is fixed, the environment is single, cannot simulate the real situation of air, land and sea transportation, can not meet the requirements of you and the buyer today.

According to the test standard of 3A proposed by ISTA (international safe transport association), the test method of ISTA 3A is different from that of other ISTA series. It can simulate the actual packaging transportation situation better than 1A, 2A and so on, and is applicable to risk assessment of postal packaging products under 70 kg (150 lb).The vibration test of ISTA 3A needs special random test vibrator to be realized. The hydraulic vibrator has advanced and unique hydraulic power system and accurate control system. Only the hydraulic random test vibrator can truly meet all the requirements of this test.

Introduction to the packaging test project of ISTA

Packaging test is conducted to simulate the damage caused by various environmental factors such as vibration, pressure, falling, impact, temperature and humidity to the products in the actual transportation process.

Vibration test (take 1A as an example) : this test simulates the bumps encountered by the product during transportation.The measured sample shall be placed on the simulated transport vibration table in the standard way, and the frequency of the vibration table shall be set (subject to the gap between the packing box and the vibration table that can freely pass 1/16 inch thick and 2 inch wide metal sheet), and the vibration frequency shall be 14,200 times.

Drop test (take 1A as an example) : this test simulates the falling, impingement and other situations encountered in the transportation of packing boxes.10 free fall tests (including one corner, three sides and six sides) or impact tests were performed on the landing machine. The falling height and impact speed of the packing boxes of different weights were shown in the below:

Packing Weight W(lbs.)     Drop Height(inch)     Impact Speed(ft/s)

0≤W<21(10kg)                   30(762mm)              13(3.9m/s)

21≤W<41(19kg)                 24(610mm)              11(3.5m/s)

41≤W<61(28kg)                 18(457mm)              10(3.0m/s)

61≤W<100(45kg)               12(305mm)               8(2.5m/s)

100≤W<150(10kg)              30(762mm)              6.6(2.0m/s)

The following is a part of the inspection items related to transport packaging that can be carried out by the packaging testing laboratory:

Vibration test

Slope impact test

Packaging materials heavy metal elements test

Cardboard bursting test

Drop test

Packaging product pressure test

Temperature and humidity environment test

Edge and ring crush test

In addition to the above test items, we can also conduct corresponding tests according to customer requirements or requirements.If you are interested in our testing service or need more detailed information, please contact us.Our professionals are happy to answer your questions.

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