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China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Ink Proofing Instrument Partners
Latest company news about Ink Proofing Instrument Partners

Ink Proofing Instrument Partners


A printing machine is generally composed of plates and inks.

The printing of printed words and images on a printing press, and then by manual or printing presses, the ink is applied where the words and images are on the printing plate, and then directly or indirectly transferred to paper or other substrates (such as textiles, metal plates, glass and ceramics) to produce the same printed matter as the printing plate.


Different materials and quality of printing machines cause different problems. The following are the problems, causes and solutions that printing machines may encounter in the process of printing.

(1) Pull paper wool.

The reason is ink viscosity is too big or paper strength difference.

The method is to add the right amount of ink adhesive, reduce the ink viscosity, use the paper with high surface strength, reduce the speed of the press.

It can be solved by adding inking oil.

(2) Printing color becomes lighter.

The reason is that ink thixotropy is too large, viscosity is too small.

The method is to add a large flow of new ink or add a larger viscosity resin ink.

(3) Adhesion.

The reason is the amount of powder is too small, the paper stack is too high, ink curing too slow.

The method is to increase the amount of duster, reduce the thickness of finished products, choose fast inherent quantity, or add polyethylene wax in the ink.

(4) Flying ink.

The reason is that the ink layer is too thick, viscosity is too small or the roller installation is unreasonable.

The method is to use a better thicker ink, reduce the amount of ink, check the ink roller installation is reasonable to exclude static electricity, improve the room temperature.



If you want to solve the above problems, you can also use ink proofing instrument for color blending and printing.

Ink proofing machine, also known as the color display machine, ink display, toner, etc., to imitate the working principle of printing press, adjustable pressure, broad substrate, suitable for printing, packaging, ink enterprises, accurate prediction of ink color, 2 minutes can be a color display.

It can save time, clean it very convenient, and save the waste of paper, ink, labor and water and electricity caused by printing machine.

At the same time to avoid the sample tester due to color mixing caused by the machine too long, effectively improve the production efficiency of the printing machine.



The instrument has a variety of choices, built-in three ink uniform mode, can be preset (high, medium and low speed adjustable);

The test time and speed of the instrument can be set freely, so that you can choose the suitable mode according to different materials.

Can be set up the function of non-string dynamic soft start, reduce the uneven spread of color left and right, prevent flying ink and affect the quality of printing.

If the printing press encountered these problems can be solved by the above method, interested in ink proofing instrument partners can also consult professional engineers, before making a purchase.

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