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company news about How to wash clothes out of shape

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
How to wash clothes out of shape
Latest company news about How to wash clothes out of shape

Start of summer is coming quietly, because of the hot weather every day to change clothes, wash out of shape can be a skirt.

Today we are going to reveal the secret behind the stretching and deformation of clothes!The elasticity of clothing is related to whether the elasticity of the fabric is recovered after stretching.

Elastic fabric refers to the fabric containing elastic fiber. Common elastic fibers include polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex), diene elastic fiber (rubber silk), polyolefin elastic fiber (MS elastic fiber), and some knitted fabrics without elastic fiber but with high elasticity.

In life, tights, swimsuits, elastic belts, cuffs, feet and rib lines, want to know that after using for a period of time, can basically maintain the original elasticity, it is necessary to examine tensile elasticity.Conscience manufacturers from the customer's point of view, do a good job of the necessary testing to ensure the quality of products to obtain the trust of customers.Then Xiaobian recommended Haida instrument upgrade HD-AB609B-S universal tensile testing machine, Haida is the instrument industry for seventeen years of old brand, trustworthy!!

Tensile testing machine also belongs to the fabric tensile testing, fabric by the action of tensile force will produce tensile tear.The breaking strength is the tensile force of the fabric when the force is broken, and the elongation at break is the percentage of the original length and the deformation of the fabric when the tension is broken.There are many factors that determine the tensile fracture property of a fabric, such as fiber properties, yarn structure, fabric structure and dyeing and finishing process.

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