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company news about How to Guarantee The Safety of Non-stick Pan?

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
How to Guarantee The Safety of Non-stick Pan?
Latest company news about How to Guarantee The Safety of Non-stick Pan?

Moving into a new home, the first thought of purchasing items is kitchen utensils and POTS. With the improvement of the quality of modern life, non-stick frying pan brings about the improvement of cooking quality, cooking skills have been greatly improved, clean kitchen utensils have become easier at the same time, life safety has been the focus of attention, then the question comes, the pot you buy is safe?


As we all know, most of the main raw materials for the coating of non-stick pans are polytetrafluoroethylene, which has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance and resistance to various organic solvents, and is almost insoluble in all solvents. At the same time, polytetrafluoroethylene has the characteristics of high temperature resistance of 250℃, its coefficient of friction is very low, so it can be used for lubrication, but also become an ideal coating for easy cleaning; But it is toxic, according to the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer list of carcinogens, polytetrafluoroethylene is a group 3 carcinogen, human carcinogens.

non-stick coating

Although the temperature must be kept below 250 ° C is safe, but it also has an important characteristic - no wear resistance, which means that it has the opportunity to be eaten into the human body with the food, then there is a device that can simulate the use of the environment to detect the wear resistance of PTFE in the pot?


The answer is yes, here we recommend a professional testing equipment, this is produced by Haida International Instrument Co., Ltd. HD-M004 kitchen utensils non-stick coating tester, professional detection of non-stick coating wear resistance. This is a professional production of testing equipment enterprises, with a conscience and a huge sense of social responsibility of the enterprise specially developed an instrument. It refers to the standard CEN/TS 12983-2, easy to operate, more convenient to set up, and clear test results. To protect our health.

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