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company news about HAIDA Mid-year work conference

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China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
HAIDA Mid-year work conference
Latest company news about HAIDA Mid-year work conference

A company has two very critical large-scale meetings in a year, namely the "mid-year work meeting" and the "annual summary meeting". The importance of these meetings cannot be overstated.
The two decisions will determine the company's development direction and focus of work throughout the year.
In the past six months, Haida has also undergone such earth-shaking changes.
Haida is reforming...
I interpret the changes in Haida from a personal perspective

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Haida’s work in the first half of the year:
1. The establishment of the R&D department, the merger of engineering and R&D; the establishment of an "Engineering Technology Research Center" to ensure R&D and the follow-up of external orders
2. Technical reform of the technical department, new R&D process specifications, data output standards, and gradual improvement of the ERP material system; multiple attempts, improvement, and inheritance
3. The sales target of 250 million yuan, the product output target of 4000W Mechanics Manufacturing Center; the output of 250 sets of standard specification data of the Technical Research Center, are all stepping towards the goal step by step
4. The communication of various departments is improved, and the team cohesion is gradually strengthened; the synergy effect is gradually manifested
5. The company's overall strategy is changing, from a high-yield-quality-guaranteed to a quality-guaranteed idea of high-yield
6. The company's general direction reform is solidly promoted



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From the above six points, we can really feel the company's changes in the first half of the year, and continue to promote the reform process; there are greater improvements and progress, but there is still a big distance from the top.
There is still a big gap with other good companies. Therefore, the next mid-year work conference must have a targeted development plan...


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1. Grasp the risk management and control to achieve smooth operation in all aspects
2. Continuous reform, adhere to the implementation of enterprise improvement, and firm the quality-guaranteed transformation policy
3. Strive for in-depth upgrading and innovation to increase the depth of the company
4. Enhance information sharing among various departments, upgrade and transform full participation
5. Improve the system and improve the material information
6. Improve the efficiency of management decision-making, reduce the phenomenon of push and pull, and improve the efficiency of problem solving

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Summary: I look forward to the management’s "Mid-Year Work Conference" to bring better benefits and more surprises to employees; I also wish Haida’s "Mid-Year Work Conference" a smooth convening and a successful conclusion!
Everyone works hard and progresses together. I wish Haida prosperous day!

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