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China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Yes we received the machine last week. This Machine was nice, and thank the after-sales serives, was very professional.

—— Peter Maas

The melt flow tester is working very good. The delivery was more faster than expect, your after-sales servies team memembers were nice, and the technical support was perfect.

—— Steve Hubbard

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Formaldehyde Test Chamber

Does your ability to detoxify catch up with the rate of absorption? You know? Why do more and more children get leukemia?

How is leukemia caused?


The natural incidence of leukemia in China is 3/10 people, and about 40,000 new leukemia patients are added each year, 50% of whom are children.

At present, leukemia is considered to be mainly caused by genetic factors, radiation factors and chemical factors.

Now, let's talk about the chemical reasons for the closest factors to us. Some chemical substances have the effect of leukemia. The incidence of leukemia in people exposed to formaldehyde, benzene and its derivatives was higher than that in the general population.

In particular, home decoration leads to indoor environmental pollution, which is considered to be the main cause of the increase of children with urban leukemia.

Beijing Children's Hospital has counted, visited the urban leukemia children, more than 90% of the children's families have been renovated within six months. How to prevent in the decoration should pay attention to control the quality of materials, reduce the chance of contact with formaldehyde.

Less use of wood-based panel materials, glass glue, odor heavy fabric soft wear and so on. At present, a variety of decorative materials on the market will release some harmful gases, even in line with the National indoor decoration materials Harmful substances limit standards of materials, in a certain amount of indoor space will also cause harmful substances in the indoor air exceeding the standard situation.

In view of the problem of formaldehyde pollution in indoor environment, China's indoor environmental Monitoring Working Committee put forward that in determining the decoration design plan, we should pay attention to the space carrying capacity, indoor fresh air volume, reserve pollution advance amount.

As a home furnishings manufacturer, we want to be responsible for ourselves, for the family, for the community, for the development of human beings, in order to match this responsibility, our production of home furnishings products formaldehyde tester to make a contribution.

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