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company news about Chair seating and back test

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
Chair seating and back test
Latest company news about Chair seating and back test

Chair seating and back test machine

    Any piece of furniture at the beginning of the design is through rigorous analysis and determine the function of this furniture to complete.In the design of office furniture, first of all, from the perspective of function. Generally speaking, the functions of office furniture products can be divided into four aspects: technical function, economic function, use function and spiritual function. So how the function of office furniture will directly affect the user's feeling, here we mainly through the test to understand.

    Today we are going to talk about the seat back test. The test is in accordance with QB / T 2280-1996 standard. The static load and durability of seat surface and chair back are tested. The test machine is made of office furniture test equipment, which is composed of transmission system, pneumatic system and regulating machinery. It is beautiful and generous, and can be used to determine the quality and service life of rotary office chair. Set the chair caster on the turntable, apply load on the seat surface, and rotate the chair foot at the specified speed and times for testing, and meet the BIFMA standard.

    We know that any furniture must be strictly tested before leaving the factory, and the important role of Haida's chair seat and back testing machine immediately appears. Furniture testing institutions through the selection of scientific testing methods and precision equipment, testing products, get accurate quality inspection results, and feedback to the enterprise. According to the test results, the enterprise separates the unqualified products, analyzes the quality problems and puts forward the corrective measures. Through the process of inspection, feedback and correction, the improvement of product quality and the economic development of China's furniture industry are promoted.

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    The chair seat back joint testing machine is used to test the static load and durability of various office chairs, high chairs and other seat surfaces and backrests. It simulates the user's service conditions, carries out static load test and dynamic durability test on the cushion and back of all kinds of chairs, so as to judge the fatigue stress and bearing capacity of the specimens.


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