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China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Box Package Drop Tester

Box Package Drop Tester

The purpose of this study is to simulate the situation that different edges, angles and surfaces fall to the ground after the product is packaged, so as to understand the damage situation of the product and evaluate the degradation height and impact strength of the product packaging components when they fall.According to the actual situation of the product and the national standard range to improve packaging design.

A test to assess the ability of a package to withstand a vertical shock and its ability to protect the contents by dropping it on a hard, flat horizontal surface at a specified height.
Used to simulate the possible drop of the product during transportation.Include:
The free fall that the non-packed state product may undergo during handling, the sample usually falls from the specified height to the specified surface in accordance with the specified posture.
Analog load cable connectors, small remote control devices and other possible repeated free drop in use.
Packaging drop

Main Parameters

  • Drop height
  • Drop times
  • Drop on the surface of

Experimental Procedure
1. Preparation of sample before test.
2. Before the test, the product's function, safety and appearance should be tested, and drop test can be conducted only after the product is confirmed to be normal.
3. The samples shall be packed in accordance with the prescribed method (referring to the production instructions or specifications), and the accessories shall not be released.
4. If there is special requirement for sealing (such as taping), it shall be conducted as required. If there is no special requirement, the packing box shall be sealed with 2-inch transparent adhesive paper, and the outer cartoon box shall be sealed with 3-inch transparent adhesive paper.
5. The test sample shall not be less than 2 FCL or 4PCS finished product.
6. Drop order
7. The bottom Angle of seam edge.

Test Standards

  • GB/T 4857. 1
  • GB/T 4857. 2
  • GB/T 4857. 5
  • GB/T 4857. 17
  • GB/T 4857. 18

Operation Procedure
1, wiring will be included in the power cord connected to the three-phase power supply and grounding, and also with random testing machine with the control box of the cable according to plug adapter connected, and commissioning up/down command. (pressing rise when trial run, but run down or press down key, but running up the situation, only a few can switch on the power source phase.
2. Adjust the height of drop: turn on the power of the host, set the required height (as follows), and press the rising button to reach the set height;If it is stopped halfway, it must reach the set height before executing the reverse run command.
3. Put the measured object on the work table, and then fix it with fixed bar;
4. Press the rising button to lift the measured object to the set height;
5. Press the drop button to instantly release the work surface from the measured object, and the measured object will fall freely;
6. Press the reset button to restore the working status of the table;
7. Repeat the above steps if the test is repeated.

8. After the test, press the lower key to operate the work table to the lowest position and turn off the power button.

Drop test machine

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