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company news about Application of Tensile Machine

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
Application of Tensile Machine
Latest company news about Application of Tensile Machine

In our daily life, the application of the tensile machine is also very extensive. It is mainly used in the tensile, compressive, bending and shearing mechanical performance tests of metal and non-metal materials.


In addition, the tensile machine is equipped with a wide range of accessories, and can also be used for the mechanical performance test of profiles and components. It also has a very wide range of application prospects in the field of material testing such as rope, belt, wire, rubber, and plastic with large sample deformation and fast testing speed. It is more suitable for testing fields such as quality supervision, teaching and research, aerospace, steel metallurgy, automobiles, construction and building materials.


The tensile testing machine is widely used for experiments seeking the relationship between material force and deformation. It can perform tensile, compression, bending and other mechanical experiments and analysis on metal and non-metal raw material processed parts and finished products.

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The most common testing instrument used in factories, industries, and laboratories. The production of every product is inseparable from the testing and inspection of the product. For example, the toughness of the wire, the hardness of the metal, and the wire segment must be tested. A data analysis of thread tension detection and so on.


Some people will ask, do non-metals need a tensile test?


of course! ! Such as rubber, plastics, films, textiles, fibers, polymer materials, composite materials, safety belts, tapes, alloy materials and other non-metals are all subject to tensile testing.

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Relevant tensile test and can ensure that all buttons, buttons and fixed parts on the finished product can pass the testing work of related strength testing instruments smoothly and efficiently. It is a major breakthrough and achievement in the application field of tensile testing machine, so tensile testing machine is indispensable in the field of mechanics.


Similarly, with the progress of society and the continuous development of all walks of life, we are more cautious about product quality and stricter requirements for product testing.

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