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China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Aging Test

The aging test mainly refers to the thermo-oxidative aging test of rubber, plastic products, electrical insulating materials and other materials; or to the ventilation aging test of electronic parts and plastic products.


1, UV aging test

Using a fluorescent UV lamp as the light source (UVA, UVB different types of lamp sources), the material was subjected to an accelerated weatherability test by simulating the UV radiation and condensation in natural sunlight to obtain the results of weatherability of the material.

Used to evaluate material changes in color, gloss, cracks, blisters, catalysis, oxidation, etc.


2, salt spray aging test

The salt spray test is an environmental test that mainly uses the simulated salt spray environmental conditions created by salt spray test equipment to assess the corrosion resistance of a product or metal material.


3, ozone aging test

Ozone aging refers to exposing a sample to air with a constant ozone concentration and a constant temperature test box in a sealed, non-illuminated, test sample at a predetermined time, and the degree of change in the crack or other properties occurring from the surface of the sample. The ozone resistance of the sample was evaluated.


4, hot and humid aging test

The hygrothermal aging test is applicable to products that may be used in a warm and humid environment. Humidity test, constant damp heat, alternating damp heat is one of the reliability tests.

The purpose of the test: To test the product's ability to adapt to a warm, moist environment.


5, xenon lamp aging test

The xenon lamp burn-in test is the ability to assess the ability of an outdoor, unobstructed use and storage device to withstand solar radiant heat and optical effects.


6, carbon arc lamp aging test

Carbon arc lamps are divided into two types, one is a closed carbon arc lamp and the other is a solar carbon arc lamp. Both of these carbon arc lamps were used in early equipment. The former was originally used for textile light resistance testing, and the latter was originally used for lightfastness testing of coatings.


7, cold and heat shock test (temperature shock, rapid temperature change)

The thermal shock test is the alternate exposure of the test sample to low temperature and high temperature air (or a suitable inert gas), subject to rapid temperature changes. Used to determine the ability of components, equipment, and other products to withstand rapid changes in ambient temperature.


8, gas corrosion test

In a certain temperature and humidity environment, the use of H2S, SO2, NO2, Cl2 and other harmful gases on the accelerated corrosion of materials or products, reproduce the damage of the material or product in a certain period of time.

The ability to assess the gas corrosion resistance of materials and protective layers, as well as the process quality of similar protective layers, can also be used to assess the ability of certain products to resist gas corrosion.



According to the number of aging test products divided into two methods test

1, the aging chamber; mainly for plastic products, and the number and volume of products is not very practical

2, aging cabinet or aging room; mainly for high-performance electronic products (such as: computer, monitors, terminals, automotive electronics, power supplies, motherboards, monitors, switching chargers, etc.) simulation A high-temperature, harsh environment testing equipment is an important experimental equipment to improve product stability and reliability, and is an important production process for all production companies to improve product quality and competitiveness. The equipment is widely used in power electronics, computers, communications, Biopharmaceuticals and other fields

Some artificial test methods can achieve the above experimental results. UV aging boxes, xenon lamp aging boxes, ozone aging boxes, anti-yellowing aging boxes and other aging test boxes can achieve the desired experimental results with the help of artificial settings.



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