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company news about About The Carton Inspection Standards And Methods.

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China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
About The Carton Inspection Standards And Methods.
Latest company news about About The Carton Inspection Standards And Methods.

1. Quantitative inspection of paper
What is quantitative testing? It is determined by the basic test standard of the unit area quality of paper and paperboard. This is one of the most basic rules of carton. This is also an important part of the inspection. The accuracy of carton quantitative measurement is related to the area accuracy of the tested sample and the accuracy of the weighing equipment. The key of the test method is the sampling accuracy of the quantitative sampler. As the carton is very thick, it is necessary to use the perforator ring quantitative sampler first.

2. Check the thickness and tightness of the carton
Thin thickness is the basic element parameter of carton inspection. Some characteristics of paper are closely related to its thickness. Therefore, this is a crucial functional inspection item. The thickness test must be carried out in a normal environment. The paper thickness detector must meet three basic requirements: the touch machine, the touch pressure and the descending speed of the probe.

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Used to measure the tightness of the paper structure density. If the tightness is large, the paper will become a bit brittle, and the opacity will be significantly reduced with the absorption of ink.

3. Ring pressure strength inspection
This will check the pressure effect of the circuit board. This is the key policy of carton strength. The ring compression strength of the plate damages the edge pressure strength of the corrugated carton, and the side compression strength of the corrugated carton has an important impact on the tensile strength of the carton.

4. Moisture inspection
Water content refers to the initial water content of paper or paperboard expressed as a percentage. Water content has a great influence on the strength of the box. Therefore, this is one of the main reasons for the three serious defect inspection items of cartons. The test standard is to select the drying method.

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5. Inspection of tensile strength, crack length and elongation
Tensile strength refers to the maximum acceptable tension of paper or paperboard per unit area. The longer the crack time, the greater the tensile strength of paper and paperboard, and the longer the crack length. Elongation refers to the ratio of the length of paper or paperboard to the initial length of the test product.

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6. Folding resistance test
Bending resistance refers to the double stretching frequency required for the total width of the sample specification to stretch back and forth under a certain environment. Paper is one of the basic physical properties of paper, which shows that the paper has the ability to resist expansion and contraction.

7. Check the abrasion resistance of paper and paperboard
This is also the main pressure for paper or paperboard to bear symmetrical lifting. It has the interaction of tensile strength, elongation and tear strength.

8. Water absorption inspection of carton
This is to check whether the cartons have hygroscopic effect and then check whether the cartons are coated with glue.

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