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company news about About Automatic Image Measuring Instrument

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
About Automatic Image Measuring Instrument
Latest company news about About Automatic Image Measuring Instrument

A automatic image measuring instrument should have:

1. Meet the measurement space requirement

Image measuring instrument must first be able to meet the requirements of the measurement space, can match the size of the workpiece.So first of all, according to the size range of the measuring product, to determine the measurement travel of the demand measuring equipment.If the selection of travel is too small, it can not meet the measurement space needs, if the selection of travel is too large, the cost is high and the cost is wasted.


2. To meet the requirements of measurement accuracy

The precision of image measuring instrument is its key index, and it is one of the guarantees to ensure the measurement precision.The selection accuracy standard should be selected with reference to the accuracy of the product that the factory needs to measure.For the situation of high quality control requirements, it is necessary to choose a higher level of accuracy of the measuring instrument to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the measurement, for general measurement can be appropriately relaxed standards.


3. Meet reliability requirements

Image measuring instrument is the quality control, so the stability of the instrument is very important.It is necessary to choose large brands, choose measuring equipment with stable and reliable accessories, such as: CCD, light source, motor, grating ruler, etc.Stable and reliable core components, through precise assembly, adjustment, testing, in order to meet the precision requirements, to achieve reliable operation.

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4. Satisfy usability requirements

Image measurement is a measurement instrument with high frequency in quality measurement. Its ease of use and convenience affect the customer's use experience and measurement efficiency.


5. Good after-sales service

The cost performance of image measuring instrument is the customer must consider, but must be from the configuration of the instrument, accuracy, stability, price, after-sales service or maintenance of the convenience to comprehensive consideration.Low price instrument, may be poor accuracy, poor stability, no guarantee after sale, short service life;The imported measuring instrument may have stable performance and long service life, but the maintenance cost is high and the maintenance time is long.Find Haida, instrument after - sale guarantee.

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