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company news about The Paper Box Performance Test Item Standard And The Paper Box Test Equipment Introduction

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China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Company News
The Paper Box Performance Test Item Standard And The Paper Box Test Equipment Introduction

As an important part of modern logistics transportation, carton packaging plays an important role in protecting goods, increasing brand impression and facilitating loading and unloading. The quality of carton also greatly affects product satisfaction.As a counter in the packaging industry, cartons should be used in all major industries to protect the product appearance, so it is conceivable that the physical performance indicators of cartons become the basis for their quality evaluation.
As the use of cartons becomes more and more extensive, the detection of various properties of cartons becomes more important. Paper Box Test Equipment,the detection of paper products and cartons is mainly as follows:
1. The national standard of corrugated carton is gb6543-2008, and its main test items include the compression strength test and stacking strength test of carton.
2. National standard GB/ t13024-2003, the main test items include the quantitative, thickness, compactness, breaking index, transverse ring pressure index, transverse folding tolerance, water absorption, moisture content, etc.
3. National standard GB/ t6544-2008 mainly specifies the test items of corrugated board thickness, side pressure strength, bonding strength, breaking strength, puncture strength and moisture.
4. The national standard is GB/ t13023-2008, mainly testing whether the quantitative, compactness, transverse ring compressive strength index, longitudinal crack length and moisture content of corrugated base paper meet the relevant standards.
5. GB/ t451.2-2002 "quantitative determination of paper and board"), of which quantitative is one of the most basic performance indicators of paper, and quantitative is often regarded as the characteristic parameters of paper.Quantification is "the mass per unit area of paper and board measured in g/m2 according to the prescribed test method".The accuracy of the paper quantitative measurement is related to the area accuracy of the tested sample and the accuracy of the weighing device. It is recommended to use the stamping circular quantitative sampler and the balance of 0.01g for weighing.
Paper Box Test Equipment is mainly used to test the pressure, deformation and stacking of corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes, paper boxes, paper barrels and paper cans.


Box drop impact test

Drop Tester is used to simulate the impact of drop impact on carton, wooden box, woven bag and other packaging pieces during transportation and loading and unloading, and to evaluate the impact strength of the packaging pieces and the rationality of packaging design.The instrument can adjust various test modes such as point, surface and length, and simulate various impact environments.Drop tester can be adjusted to meet various experimental conditions. It is the first choice test instrument for quality inspection institutions, packaging manufacturing enterprises and using enterprises.
drop tester


Box compression strength test

Compression test machine is suitable for compression and stacking test of packaging container, corrugated box, paper tube, paper tube and plastic container.The single machine has various test modes such as strength test, constant value test, stacking test and so on. It is equipped with the precision lead screw drive system, and the detection accuracy is leading in China. The carton anti-pressure test machine is widely used by food enterprises, pharmaceutical enterprises, packaging enterprises, quality inspection institutions and other units
compression testing machine


Box stiffness test

The microcomputer bending stiffness tester is suitable for the stiffness test of various paper, thin sheet, thin film and thin sheet.The instrument adopts the latest testing structure, the sample is installed and clamped conveniently, the testing process is operated with one key, and the large liquid crystal display provided by the stiffness meter can visually show the whole testing process curve, which belongs to the high-end testing equipment in the paper stiffness test.Widely used in paper-making enterprises, packaging manufacturers, quality inspection organizations and other units.
bending stiffness tester


Paperboard edge and ring crush test

Edge and ring crush tester is applicable to the measurement of physical properties of corrugated board and paper, such as ring compression strength, edge compression strength, bonding and peeling strength, and flat compression strength.The instrument USES the latest microcomputer control system, the test process one key operation, coordinates the different test fixture to complete the different test requirements, the electronic compression test apparatus is one kind of high performance multi-purpose comprehensive test instrument, is widely used in the paper-making enterprise, the packing enterprise, the test organization and so on.
edge ring crush tester

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