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company news about Package Box Compression Test Machine

China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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Yes we received the machine last week. This Machine was nice, and thank the after-sales serives, was very professional.

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Company News
Package Box Compression Test Machine

Package box compression test machine is a professional test machine used to test the compressive resistance of cartons, applicable to the pressure, deformation and stacking test of corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packaging pieces. Meanwhile, the pressure test of plastic bucket (edible oil, mineral water), paper bucket, paper box, paper pot, container (IBC bucket) and other containers is also given consideration.

Work Pattern
Package box compression test machine is applicable to all kinds of corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packing pieces when they collapse.
Stacking strength test is applicable to stacking test of all kinds of corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packages.
Pressure standard test is applicable to standard test of all kinds of corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packaging parts.

Testing Significant
Good compressive resistance can ensure the content is not damaged during transportation and storage.At the same time, we can also guide the packaging manufacturers to produce according to the content, which can be used as professional instruments for food packaging QS certification.

Compressive Test
The compressive strength of the carton is divided into effective value and final value.The change of force value is sometimes from slow to fast to the point of collapse.In long-term compressive tests, we found that the change of force value sometimes has a certain buffer: that is, when the force value and deformation increase to a certain extent, the force value stops and the deformation continues to increase, and after a period of time, the force value continues to increase until the bursting point of the carton.We can call the force before buffering the effective value and the deformation before buffering the effective deformation value.After buffering, although the force value can continue to increase, but the carton has begun to deform, can not meet the use requirements, so the criteria to determine the strength of the carton compressive strength should be the effective value when the compression test.

Technical Characteristic
1. The system is controlled by microcomputer, equipped with 8-inch touch screen operation panel, high-speed ARM processor, high degree of automation, fast data collection, automatic measurement, intelligent judgment function, and the test process is completed automatically.
2. Three test methods are provided for the carton compression test machine: maximum crushing force;Stacking;The pressure up to standard.
3. The screen dynamically displays sample number, sample deformation, real-time pressure, and initial pressure.
4. Open structure design, double lead screw, double guide pillar, with reducer drive belt drive reducer, good parallelism, good stability, strong rigidity, long service life
5. The paper box compression test machine is controlled by servo motor with high precision, low noise and high speed.Accurate positioning of the instrument, fast response, saving test time and improving test efficiency.
6. The paper box compression test machine adopts 24-bit high-precision AD converter (resolution up to 1/10,000,000) and high-precision weighing sensor to ensure the speed and accuracy of instrument force data collection.
7. Intelligent configuration, such as limit stroke protection, overload protection, and fault prompt, ensures the user's operation safety and is equipped with micro printer to facilitate data printing and output.
8. The paper box compression testing machine can be connected to computer software, with real-time display of compression curve function and data analysis, management, preservation, printing and other functions.

Working Principle
The paper box compressor adopts servo motor to drive the drive system, through ball screw pressure operation, the high precision force value sensor accurately reflects the load condition of the test piece, the microcomputer system collects and processes the test parameters, and outputs the test results.


Testing Standards

GB/T 4857.4
GB/T 4857.3


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