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China Hai Da Labtester certification
China Hai Da Labtester certification
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The ISTA 3 series belong to the advanced test procedures for: testing of packaging and product resistance to transport hazards;Transportation hazards are reproduced by comprehensive simulation test method.Does not comply with the shipping company's packaging rules;Appropriate application of the ISTA test procedure will yield the following obvious benefits:Enhance the confidence of the product on the market;Reduce product damage;Balancing circulation costs;Satisfy customers and increase market share.The test procedure is divided into three parts: overview, test and report.· the test department is divided into laboratory testing to provide clear guidance;· the report section lists the data to be recorded for submission of the test report to ISTA.The ISTA test procedure USES two units of measurement: the international system of units (meter-kilogram) or the British system (inch-pound).English units are indicated in brackets after international units or both.


Units and symbols used in this test procedure of project quality distance of pharmaceutical bulk density temperature pressure units and symbols kg or gm m cubic cm or mm kg/m3 ° C kPa imperial units and symbols lb in in3 lb/in3 ° F psi


Any system of units can be used as the standard unit of measurement;The system of units selected for use must be consistent throughout the test;Conversion to two significant digits;The two systems of units are not exactly equal.


Note: ISTA converted 150pounds to 70kg in test procedure 3A, and 150pounds to 68kg in other test procedure.This procedure applies to packages of no more than 150pounds and no more than 70kg, depending on the country's requirements for parcel transport using different systems of units.



Test procedure overview test procedure 3A is the test procedure for the comprehensive simulation test of a single package transported in the form of package.This test procedure is applicable to


Four different types of packaging for single package transport, including air and land transport.The four types are standard package, small package, flat package and strip package.3A also includes vibration tests under ambient conditions below standard pressure (high altitude).The purpose of this vibration test is to evaluate the airtightness or sealing performance of the container (including the inner package and transportation package) to ensure no leakage of the contents (liquid, powder or gas).


Standard packaging: any packaging that does not belong to the following types is collectively referred to as standard packaging.For example: corrugated boxes, plastic containers, wooden packaging or cylindrical containers.Small package: meet the following three conditions at the same time


Less than 13,000 cm3 (800 in3) in volume;The maximum edge size shall not be greater than 350 mm (14 in);Mass not greater than 4.5 kg (10 lb).Flat packing: meets the following three conditions simultaneously


The minimum edge size shall not be greater than 200 mm (8 in);Time shorter edges is not less than the shortest edge size 4 transportation package test (ISTA_3A standard Chinese version) _ document download;Volume not less than 13,000cm3 (800 in3).


Strip packing: meet the following two conditions simultaneously


The maximum edge size is not less than 900 mm (36 in);The length of the other two axial edges is no longer than 20% of the longest edge.




If the package is both flat type and strip type, the test shall be carried out in accordance with the strip type.


Used for evaluating the ability of the package to withstand the hazards such as vibration and impact in parcel transportation and handling;Determine the test strength according to the general circulation environment, does not represent any specific transport conditions;Packaging and product as a whole;


Certain transport conditions, such as moisture, atmospheric pressure or abnormal handling operations may not be included.


Other ISTA test procedures may be selected according to the circulation environment of the package or the test purpose.For other test procedures, please refer to the guide for selection and application of ISTA test standards.




The dangerous goods packaging that has passed this test procedure does not necessarily meet the requirements of international, national or other regulations related to the transport of dangerous goods.This procedure is not a substitute for the United Nations and/or other relevant standard requirements for the transport of dangerous goods, but may be used as an additional test procedure.


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