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Three Zone High Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber Shock Simulate Test Chamber

Three Zone High Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber Shock Simulate Test Chamber

    • Three Zone High Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber Shock Simulate Test Chamber
    • Three Zone High Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber Shock Simulate Test Chamber
    • Three Zone High Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber Shock Simulate Test Chamber
    • Three Zone High Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber Shock Simulate Test Chamber
  • Three Zone High Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber Shock Simulate Test Chamber

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Haida
    Certification: CE,,ISO
    Model Number: HD-E703

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: Strong Wooden Case
    Delivery Time: 15 Days After Order
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 75 Piece / Pieces Per Month
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    Detailed Product Description
    High Temp. Exposure Range*1: +60~ To +200°C Pre-cool Lower Limit: -65°C
    Test Area Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel Air Circulator: Sirocco Fan
    Power Supply: AC380V, 50/60Hz, Three Phase , 30A Cooling Water Supply Pressure*6: 02~0.4Mpa
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    environmental testing equipment


    environmental test chamber

    Three Zone High Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber Shock Simulate Test Chamber


    Three Zone High Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber Shock Simulate Test Chamber 0Thermal Shock Chamber.pdf


    1. Description:

    Three-Zone High and Low Temperature Shock Simulate Test Chamber that subjects a product to alternating extremes of high and low temperatures in order to observe changes in product characteristics and failure occurrence caused by different materials and their thermal expansion coefficients. Thermal shock chamber utilizes controlled areas for hot, ambient and cold temperatures. The product is moved from ambient to hot or ambient to cold zones. The chamber can be programmed to include a dwell period in the ambient zone if desired.It is applicable to metals, plastic, rubber, electronics amongst other materials. The test result can be Used as a reference or basis for product improvement.



    2. Specifications of Three-Zone High and Low Temperature Shock Simulate Chamber:


    Two-zone test by means of damper switching

    Three-zone chamber






    Test area

    High temp. exposure range*1

    +60~ to +200°C

    Low temp. exposure range*1

    -65to 0 °C

    Temp. fluctuation *2


    Hot chamber

    Pre-heat upper limit


    Temp. heat up time*3

    Ambient temp. to +200°C within 30min

    Cold chamber

    Pre-cool lower limit


    Temp. pull down time*3

    Ambient temp. to -65°C within 70min

    Temp. recovery (2-zone)

    Recovery conditions

    Two-zone: High temp. exposure +125°C 30 min, Low temp. exposure -40°C 30 min; Specimen 6.5 kg (specimen basket 1.5kg) 

    Temp. recovery time

    Within 10 min.


    External material

    Cold-rolled rust-proofed steel plate

    Test area material

    SUS304 stainless steel


    Manually operated door with unlock button


    Strip wire heater

    Refrigeration unit


    Mechanical cascade refrigeration system


    Hermetically sealed scroll compressor

    Expansion mechanism

    Electronic expansion valve


    High temp side:R404A, Low temp side R23


    Stainless steel welded plate heat exchanger

    Air circulator

    Sirocco fan

    Damper driving unit

    Air cylinder


    Cable port with diameter 100mm on the left side (right side and tailor made diameter size are available as options), specimen power supply control terminal

    Inside dimensions (W x H x D)

    350 x 400 x 350

    500 x 450 x 450


    Test area capacity




    Test area load

    5 kg

    10 kg


    Outside dimensions (W x H x D)

    1230 x 1830 x 1270

    1380 x 1980 x 1370







    Utility requirements


    Allowable ambient conditions


    Power supply

    AC380V, 50/60Hz, three phase , 30A

    Cooling water supply pressure*6


    Cooling water supply rate*6

    8m³ /h

    Operating cooling water temp. range

    +18 to 23 °C

    Noise Level

    70 dB or lower




    1) If the high-temp exposure range lower limit + 60°C is required or the low temp exposure range lower limit -60°C, please select the “ambient-temperature exposure” option


    2) If the temp fluctuation need to below ±1.8°C please select the “Low temp fluctuation package”


    3)Temperature heat-up/pull down time are applicable only during independent chamber operation


    4)If the automatically operated sliding door required, please select the “Automatically door package”


    5) Air-cooled condenser / Water-cooled condenser both available


    6)Apply on water-cooled condenser only



    3. Safety Devices of Three-Zone High and Low Temperature Shock Simulate Chamber:

    1. Hot chamber overheat protection switch
    2. Cold chamber overheat protection switch
    3. Air circulator overload alarm
    4. Refrigerator high/low pressure protector
    5. Compressor temperature switch
    6. Air pressure switch
    7. Fuse
    8. Water suspension relay ( water-cooled specification only)
    9. Compressor circuit breaker
    10. Heater circuit breaker
    11. Test area overheat/overcool protector
    12. Air purge valve




    Operation and settings simplified by the use of a touch-screen LCD display (instructions displayed on-screen). At-aglance confirmation of test patterns, test area temperatures, temperature cycles, and trend graph displays.



    Interactive key input by touch panel


    LCD (5.7 inches)

    Temperature control function

    Test area: exposure temp.

    Hot chamber: pre-heating temp.

    Cold chamber: pre-cooling temp.

    PID control

    Preset temperature range

    High temperature: 60 to200’C

    Low temperature: -78 to 0’C

    Setting resolution



    Thermocouple type T (Copper/Copper-Nickel)

    Setting and indication ranges

    Preset time: 0 min. to 99 hours and 59 min.

    Preset cycle: 1 to 9,999 cycles

    Accessory function

    Timer preset

    Overheat/ overcool protection

    Power failure/ recovery selection

    Temperature recovery time setting

    Program memory

    Automatic power shut-off

    Programmed time display

    Test completion mode selection

    Trend graph

    Alarm history display

    Sensor calibration

    RS-232/ USB communication


    Refrigeration operation principle

     The level of the refrigeration cycle are used against the card if the cycle, which consists of two isothermal and two adiabatic processes, whose process is as follows: a refrigerant through the compressor adiabatic compression to a higher pressure, the power consumption of the exhaust gas temperature followed by the condenser refrigerant isothermal heat exchange medium in and around the heat to medium four weeks. After the refrigerant flows through the shutoff valve adiabatic expansion work, when the refrigerant temperature decreases. This loop again and again to achieve the purpose of cooling.



    Air conditioning system

    1) the air control: forced ventilation circulation, balance thermostat method (BTC). This method not only refers to the case of the cooling system for continuous operation, the control system according to the temperature set point of the heater to control the output of the results by automatically calculating PID output, and ultimately achieve a dynamic equilibrium.
    2)air circulating means: built between the air circulation fan duct and the long axis of stainless steel, the use of energy efficient refrigerators and regulation system, by effective and efficient heat exchange ventilator, to achieve the purpose of the temperature change. By adjustable air outlet adjusting bolt, thereby significantly improving the chamber temperature uniformity;
    3) the air cooling method: multi-stage diaphragm air heat exchanger.
    4) air heating: Watkins quality nickel chrome electric heater.



    Thermal Shock Chambers maintenance actions
    1) a reasonable choice of installation location to install measures: dry, non-drip of rain and snow place.
    2) inspection measures qualified by hand daily for insulation materials is broken steam pipe is blocked for technical confirmation and disposal technology.
    3) the alarm can be installed as conditional steam leak or power-off state of alarm sound and light small device to facilitate the holding of risk freezing measures discovery and timely remediation.
    4) instrument maintenance inspection measures by the area responsible for regular inspection by a predetermined inspection route. To check the insulation inspection of pipeline valve is normal, the incubator is normal, hydrophobic means is normal, thermal insulation material packaging is intact, electric heating power supply and other components is normal.



    4. Three-Zone High and Low Temperature Shock Simulate Test Chamber view:


    Three Zone High Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber Shock Simulate Test Chamber 1


    (The Test Chamber)



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